Blount Chronology

Year Event Description
1563 Charles Blount born
1563 Penelope Deveroux born
1565 Dorothy Deveroux born
1567 Robert Deveroux born
1580 Penelope Deveroux marries Robert, Lord Rich
1583 Charles Blount first visits court It is related that, at about the age twenty, he went to Whitehall to see the Queen at dinner. The Queen saw him, and he was apparently worth seeing at the time, though his portrait in his prime does not make him appear strikingly handsome. He was, we are told, tall, with brown hair, "a sweet face, a most neat composure". Another writer describes his eyes as "great, black, and lovely". The queen asked who he was and was told that he was brother to William, Lord Mountjoy. Charles realized that she was talking about him, and blushed. He could not better have furthered his career. A blush upon a face so young and charming, a blush caused by her own gaze, was attractive to Queen Elizabeth. She called him up, held out to him her hand to kiss, gave him gracious words, and told him that she had at once seen noble blood in him. Perhaps it was the blood which had flooded his cheeks. "Fail you not to come to Court", said she, "and I will bethink myself how to do you good".
Oct 1585 Injury Charles Blount was hit in the thigh by a chainshot as part of Norris' attack of a Spanish fort on the Lower Rhine.
7 Dec 1587 Knighted Charles Blount was knighted by Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, at his embarking at Flushing.
July 1588 Armada Served on the flagship, the Rainbow, under Lord Henry Semour.
1593 Father's death James Blount dies
26 Jan 1594 Portsmouth Sir Charles Blount was granted by patent the office of Captain of the Town and Island of Portsmouth in succession to the Earl of Sussex
27 Jun 1594 Brother's death William Blount dies
1594 Barony Charles Blount becomes the 8th Baron Mountjoy
~1597 Children Penelope gives birth to first of five children.
23 Apr 1597 K.G. Knight of the Garter. Installed May 24. In place of Arthur Grey, 14th lord Grey de Wilton who died 14 Oct 1593.
21 Jan 1600 Lord Deputy Lord Deputy of Ireland
24 Dec 1601 Victory at Kinsale In December 1601 Tyrone summoned one of the largest rebel army ever known in Ireland, marched upon Kinsale, where 4,000 Spaniards, lately landed in his behalf, were besieged by Mountjoy. On December 24, 1601 a battle was fought and a decisive victory gained by the English. The Spaniards capitulated, surrendered all the places they held, and left the country.
24 Mar 1603 Q.E died Queen Elizabeth died
30 Mar 1603 Hugh O'Neill surrenders His letter of submission
21 Jul 1603 Earldom King James made him the Earl of Devon
26 Dec 1605 Marriage Charles and Penelope wed at Wanstead, in Essex, the ceremony being performed by his chaplain, William Laud, afterwards archbishop of Canterbury.
3 Apr 1606 Charles Blount died
2 May 1606 Charles Blount buried In St. Paul's chapel of Westminster Abbey
1607 Penelope Deveroux died
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